Other than my terrible sunburn, pretty insane week @sara_blauzvern 😍😁😎

i request death.

honestly want to kill myself more than anything. 103 fever, and i have a flight at 4 am. why does my life fucking suck why. i dont get it. i dont get why i have the worst luck. i dont fucking understand. why. fucking why. 

you got what you wanted. wow.

first full day sober in a while. pre spring break cleanse. sickness cleanse. my throat feels like its closing up on me and eating anything is brutal. how am i supposed to fight off this virus and strengthen my immune system if i cant even get the proper nutrients in. dear whoever decided it was a good idea to give me a virus two days before i leave for spring break, thank you so much for this, i really appreciate it. really. 

Basically im ready for spring break right about …. Now. 🙏😎✌️✈️—->#baha

take me to college already:(